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About Us

Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd was founded in 1979 in Nicosia, Cyprus by members of one family, and remains a family owned business until today. The company deals with the import of irrigation materials from trustworthy companies and their distribution throughout Cyprus. Moreover, since 1986 Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd has been importing church supplies and utensils from Greece which are offered both in retail and in wholesale prices.

Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd imports all of its irrigation materials from reputable companies in various countries, always searching for the best in irrigation supplies to offer to any irrigation project in Cyprus. Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd initially dealt with this trade as a distributor and worked on various irrigation projects in cooperation with government agencies in Cyprus as well as with other companies, organizations and individuals. Up to this day, the company imports and provides the Cyprus market with appropriate materials such as plates, steel materials, sewer and other types of pipes and guarantees the best quality in the market of Cyprus. This is why Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd has been able to maintain one of the highest positions in the Cyprus irrigation industry with excellent irrigation materials and supplies.

Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd cooperates with and imports irrigation materials from Saint-Gobain PAM, a reputable company well known for its superiority and excellence in quality, its innovative products and processes, its specialist engineering services and total technical support, which are represented in Cyprus by Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd.

In 1986 and seven years after its establishment, Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd decided to enter the church supplies trade, by importing various utensils from Greece such as holy chalices, censers, chandeliers, tabernacles and so on. Michael Apostolides & Co Ltd distributes these products both in retail and in wholesale. They all consist of high standard church products, equal to those used by churches and monasteries in Cyprus.

Today the company has a solid foundation at its base and has known continuous recognition and success by numerous existing customers all the while managing to win more and more customers due to the preservation of the highest quality of its church supplies and irrigation materials as well as to the personal approach that the company maintains for each project it undertakes.

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